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Grind your peppercorns and other grinding spices in vintage style! 

This pepper mill is made out of cast metal working parts with bronzed housing. It features an infinitely adjustable burr grinder, easy to adjust from fine to coarse.  Plus, it's so easy to refill using a sliding door.  No disassembly required!

With the gears up and out of the way of peppercorns, salt, or other grinding spices, there is no opportunity to gum up the gears or jam the grinder over time.  These mills have been tested to last the equivalent of decades of normal home use, with no maintenance needed other than occasionally wiping with a cloth.

Quality is very important to us. Our woods are dried a minimum of three years to avoid cracks and splitting. If wood is not treated properly, its appearance may diminish over time, and our main focus is to create products that will look as beautiful in 10 years as it does the day its made.

*Note: Please be careful with moisture when using mills with salt, as excess moisture (ex. steam from a pot of boiling water) may cause salt to solidify.

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