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About us

Tracy Fine Products has been making unique, handcrafted items from different woods and man made materials for many years. The products have been sold mainly at artisan/craft shows and by word of mouth. Product is shipped around the world. Our founder, Pete Tracy, began with unique pens, moved on to ice cream scoops and wine accessories and now includes coffee grinders, pepper mills and pizza cutters in his line up.  

Several years ago, Sean Matthews joined the team.  Much like a traditional apprenticeship, Sean started in a small role.  He began primarily polishing the wood, then carving the pieces, and gradually increased his contributions as his experience grew.  Then Pete introduced him to the business side of the company, where Sean began setting up booths and selling product at craft shows and farmer's markets.  Now Tracy Fine Products is in the process of transitioning fully over to Sean, as Pete and his wife Jan are looking forward to a bit more time to themselves in the future.  Sean continues in the tradition of high quality products and happy customers.